I’m guessing you found this site because you’re sick of the hassle of daily shaving.

Balancing on one leg in the shower while you drag a razor across your calf and hope not to fall over.

Or maybe it’s just the tedious regularity of having to shave day after day after day.

Nobody likes that horrible thick black stubble – whether on legs, underarms or anywhere else!

And waxing is great, but so expensive.

So perhaps you, like me, have finally decided to look into the option of buying an epilator.

You made the right choice!

I started using epilators ten years ago and have never looked back.

I’m a die-hard fan of them now, and I set up this site to help you:

1) Decide if epilators are the right hair removal choice for you

(and if they are)

2) Choose the best epilator for your individual needs

Your first stop should be the Best Epilator Buying Guide where I take you through all the information you need before looking to buy and start using an epilator.

Click to learn more about what to look for with the Best Epilator Buying Guide.

If you already know what’s what, you can skip straight to the Best Epilator Comparison Table which shows the features and ratings of the top epilators on the market today.

Looking for more detail?

Click to read the Epilator Reviews to narrow down even further.

If you’re already a keen epilator user and it’s time for an upgrade, I’ve posted quick links to my favourite epilators on Amazon over here on the right. For more info on why I’ve chosen these ones as the best, take a quick peek at the Best Epilator Comparison Table.

Finally – if you want a more permanent solution to unsightly body hair, I’ll shortly be releasing my guide on the best at-home laser hair removal solutions. Click here to register your interest and I’ll send it out to you as soon as it’s done.


Congratulations again on deciding to ditch razors and join the epilator revolution!!


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Our Top Picks